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2000 degree furnace testFire-Protected Tanks (UL-2085)

FMC Tanks Supplies Fire-Protected Tanks designed for the safe storage and dispensing of petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, fuel-oil, heating-oil, kerosene, alcohol), chemicals and other flammable or combustible products. Fire-Protected Tanks are designed to withstand prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures while maintaining the temperature of the primary tank and its contents below thresholds that may ignite or rapidly combust the liquids/vapors within. Fire-Protected steel exterior tanks utilize a lightweight concrete thermal insulation material to achieve thermal protection. Fire-Protected concrete aggregate exterior tanks utilize a dense industrial grade concrete to achieve thermal protection. Both Fire-Protected aboveground tank designs have merits that are usually dependent upon specific end-user site and performance requirements. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has issued performance standard UL-2085, Protected Secondary Containment Aboveground Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids, a performance standard which requires that tank designs be third-party tested and certified as having successfully passed the following test provisions:

UL-2085 Test Summary

Prolonged Fire-Test
2-Hours at 2000 degrees F
Maximum Avg. Temp.= 280 degrees F
Hose-Stream Test
5-minutes,45 psig water stream after fire test
Bullet Resistance Test
5-rounds,150 grain,Caliber .30, M2 Ball Ammunition
2700 feet/second impact velocity

Vehicle Impact

12,000 pounds applied over 1sq. ft. @ 10mph
Leakage Test
After successful completion of above, leakage test performed using 5.0 psig air; tank to hold air for 1 hour without leaking

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standard UL-2085 provides testing and tank performance criteria that a tank design must pass in order to qualify and carry the UL2085 certification label and listing. Recent Fire Code regulations, building codes and NFPA regulations mandate the use of UL-2085 Fire-Protected Tanks in many states and local jurisdictions. The increasing number of urban tank installations and their inherent proximity to occupied buildings and personnel have resulted in an ever-growing demand for UL-2085 Fire-Protected Tanks and Tank Systems. The inherent safety afforded by such tanks is regarded as an economical way of precluding risks to personnel and property. Certification and compliance with the above-listed UL-2085 test criteria should be considered when maximum tank performance and safety is required or mandated. Please consult your local Fire Code officials and regulatory agencies for projects requiring Fire-Protected aboveground tanks and tank systems.

FMC Tanks is a leading supplier of Fire-Protected Aboveground Tanks. We supply two (2) basic Fire-Protected Tank Construction Types: Steel Exterior and Concrete Aggregate Exterior. Depending on the specific application, FMC Tanks offers three (3), Fire-Protected Tank products…

  • Eco-Guard: a concrete aggregate exterior vault tank with a 2-hour UL-2085 Fire-Protected Rating

  • EnviroVault: a steel exterior vault tank with a 2-hour UL-2085 Fire-Protected Rating

  • SuperVault: a steel exterior vault tank with a 4-hour UL-2085/SWRI 95-03 Fire-Protected Rating

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